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18, I guess.

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Q: Golf what is the highest round ever in a golf major?
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What is the highest round of golf ever recorded?

It would have to be at a course in Bolivia, La Paz Golf Club, which is at an elevation of 10,800 ft. It is an old, established 18-hole venue that makes a formal and legitimate claim to the highest in the world.

What is the highest a golf ball has ever been hit?

100 meters

How many people ever got 3 eagles in a round of golf?


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What was Tiger Woods golf score for first round at the Masters in August?

2010 it was 68, his best opening round ever at The Masters.

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Who recorded the highest ever PGA Tour round and what was the score?

89, Ralph Johnston - 1972

What is the lowest professional golf score ever recorded worldwide?

The official record are three 58's ... Jason Bohn in the 2001 Canadian Tour Bayer Championship, Shigeki Maruyama in 2000 during the US Open sectional qualifier, and Ryo Ishikawa in 2010 at the Crowns event on the Japanese Golf Tour ... the latter round is the only 58 ever shot on one of the worlds 4 major tours.

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Round 17 2001 Essendon Bombers vs. North Melbourne Kangaroos. Greatest comeback ever and highest scoring game ever. Over 50 goals between both teams.

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Did Eddie lowry ever caddie for Francis Ouimet after the 1913 US Open or any other major golf tournament?

Many times, especially at Francis's home course Woodland Golf Club