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Babe Ruth, Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson

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Q: Golden era team in MLB 08 the show?
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How do you unlock Golden and Silver era teams on MLB 06 the show?

Go to franchise mode and win the world series without cheatcodes

Which team has worst team era mlb history?

the kansas city royals

How do you get silver era and golden era on MLB 08?

go to features then profile then reward and buy the players with the points you've earned

What mlb team never had a winning record in the 2000 era?

The Pittsburgh pirates

Who has the best ERA for a MLB season?

Who has the best ERA for a MLB season

What is the lowest team ERA in baseball history?

In MLB, 1.22 by the 1876 St. Louis Brown Stockings of the National League.

What team has the best pitching in MLB?

Currently, the SD Padres are the best team. They have the best ERA, most strikeouts, tied for most shutouts, and second in BA allowed.

When was The Golden Era created?

The Golden Era was created in 1852.

When was Golden Era Records created?

Golden Era Records was created in 2008.

Is an ERA of 5.26 in baseball decent?

In MLB, no ... it is above average. In the 2011 MLB season, the average ERA in the National League was 4.16 and in the American League was 4.43. There have been seasons in MLB where the average ERA was 5+. In the AL, average ERA in 1996 was 5.00 and 1936 was 5.04. In the NL, average ERA was 5.33 in 1893. Those are the only three seasons in MLB where the average ERA was 5+. In other levels of baseball, 5.26 may be pretty good but not in MLB.

What is the Lowest era in MLB?

the reds fransisco cordero has a 1.14 era

What mlb team won the most home games in a single season in the dead ball era?

1898 Boston Beaneaters with 62 ... their record was 62-15.

Is catdog one of the classic Nickelodeon shows that are part of Nickelodeon's golden era?

Yes, CatDog is a classic Nickelodeon show.

Who has the MLB record for the least ERA in a career?

The lowest career ERA was by Ed Walsh with in ERA of 1.82.

What is considered a good era?

The Golden Era Was When Jesus Was On Earth

Which of these MLB starters had the lower ERA in the 2003 regular season?

T. Hudson with a .270 ERA

Who has the worst ERA in the MLB for 2009?

Chad Fox

What team has lowest ERA for season?

which team has lowest era for 2013

What do people think of Queen Elizabeth?

they think of her era as an golden era!

What is the golden age of England history?

The Elizabethan era and the Victorian era.

Which teams have had the fewest losses in the Major League Baseball playoffs?

There have been two teams with 1 loss in the MLB playoffs, 11-1 records, no team has had a perfect record in the MLB playoff era. (2005) White Sox (1999) Yankees

Who was the youngest player to appear on the field in MLB's modern era?

mickey mantle

What caps do MLB players wear?

New Era 59fifty

What brand of bats are used in an MLB game?

new era

What cap do MLB players wear?

New Era 59fifty