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If your school moves up a division, no, the players do not sit for a year. The school is placed on a one-year probation period, after which they are full members of Division I.

If, however, a player transfers schools, the NCAA requires that the player sits for a period of one year before being added to the active roster. This is regardless of divisions, teams, conferences, etc.

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Q: Going up a division from 2 to division 1 do you sit out a year?
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Can you transfer from a division 3 football program to a Division 2 or Division 1?

Yes, you can transfer from a D-3 to a D-2 or to a D-1. However if you do transfer up in divisions you must sit out a year, a loose a year. On the other hand, if you transfer down in divisions you do not have to sit out and year.

If you transfer from a D3 college to another D3 college are you still eligible to play football or do you need to sit out one year?

The NCAA rule requiring a player to sit out one year for transferring only applies when a player transfers UP a division or laterally to Division I-A. For example, going from I-A to I-AA would not require sitting out. Going from I-A to I-A would. Going from D3 to D3 does not. You should inquire with your school's compliance officer and talk to your current coach and prospective coach to verify.

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