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Well it depends were you are from, I race Go karts in North Carolina at OCR, Woodleaf, Milbridge, Liberty, and Concord.

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Q: Go kart racing were you race people with your own go kart?
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Who does Tony Stewart drive for?

His own race team, which is combined with the HAAS Racing's called Stewart-HAAS Racing.

Who does Chad reed race for?

He started his own team, Two-Two racing. His bike is Honda.

Can you race horses on your own property without a jockeys license or racing permits if there is no gambling involved?

If they are your horses and its your property why not? I think even if there was gambling between people watching it would be fine :)

How do you race other tracks when you download play on Mario Kart Ds?

You can't. What you see is what you get. If you would like to race on more, each person will need their own copy of the game.

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Did Rusty Wallace own the 2 car?

No, he did not. Nascar owns the car numbers and leases them to the race teams. Rusty Wallace's race team using the #2 was Penske Racing.

How did Motocross Racing start?

Motocross racing started in 1924 in britain. They would race off road races called "scrambles". After while they added laps and made there own obstacles such as jumps.

What is platform racing 2?

Well, Platform Racing 2 is an online game where you can race your friends or just run around. You can make your own levels in Level Editor. You can create an account or just play as a guest. You can PM people or just add people to your friend list. You can pick servers to play in and each server tells you how many people there are playing. Jiggmin made the game!

How can you get involved in auto racing?

there are many ways to get involved especially if you have a lot of money and own a company but if you are an average guy the best way is to get into karting or go kart racing if you want to be a driver if you want to work in the pits then get into a technical institute or become an engineer to work for the team.

Is horse racing harmfull to the horses?

Horse racing is very dangerous and can cause many injuries including broken bones and even death at some points. If you own horses, please do not race so you will not be devastated and your horse will not be hurt. Horse racing is very harmful!

What Mario game features a car theme but isn't Mario Kart and you get to name your own car I believe it was for the Nintendo 64?

Mario party? or maby diddy kong racing

Is Tiny Kong then Dixie?

No, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong are two different characters. I found it out when I played Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS. I know a few people on this planet might think Tiny is then Dixie but they are really not, they are two different characters, but unfortunately, you can't get Dixie or Tiny in Mario Kart, but you can get Donkey and Diddy in Mario Kart. Plus on Mario Kart on the Wii, you could even play with your own Mii, but you can't get it at the beginning of the entire game. By Andrew Bates.

Where can one play car race games online?

By performing a search on Google for car race games, numerous websites appear. Hot Wheels even has its own website with an assortment of online car racing games.

How do you obtain a motorcycle racing licsense?

There is not an actual racing license given by the government. Tracks will have you go through a test before you are allowed to race there usually. Often, motorcycle associations, such as the AMA in America, will give you a license to race on most tracks in america after you are certified by them (I think). In Canada, my city has it's own motorcycle association which gave me the skills to pass the test for my local track. All in all though, a racing license should be the last thing on your mind if you have never been on a race track.

On gta 4 how do you get a comet?

When Niko wins the race in the mission 'No. 1', Brucie tells him to keep the Comet he has been racing in as his own. He can then take it to a safehouse and save it.

Does Rick Hendrick own any of Tony Stewart's race team?

No, he does not. Rick Hendrick's team (Hendrick Motorsports), supply the engines for Stewart Haas Racing.

Have people enslaved others in their own race?


Which president owned race horses?

Andrew Jackson owned race horses and on occasion bet a great deal on them. He had his own racetrack at his home in TN. He fought at least one deal over a racing debt.

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Can you create your own character and kart in Mario kart DS?

No you can't, but you can create your own logo to display where the logo's would usually display on the kart e.g: on the sides, front etc

How fast does a horse have to be to race?

If we are talking Thoroughbred racing pretty fast. It is a very competitive sport and the slower horses get left behind, so to speak. But anyone can race their horses for fun. Find a friend or 2 with their own horses and there you go.

Why is virgin racing f1 not good in 2010 although they have lots of money?

Rich people own it.

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How do you get Yoshi valley on Mario Kart?

Play a Mario Kart game that has the track Yoshi Valley in it, or build your own Mario Kart