Giants are better than cowboys

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Q: Giants are better than cowboys
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Who is better between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants?

Giants all day baby!

Are cowboys better than Indians?

No, cowboys are not better than Indians, though some might believe they are. Of course, others might believe Indians are better than cowboys.

Which is the better NFL team - the ny giants or the dallas cowboys?

Steelers, with the defence.

What were the dates of the cowboys wins over the giants in the last 10 years?

In the 21 games played between The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants, in the past 10 years, Dallas has won 8 of them:List: (Note: Hometeam is in Bold)January 1,2012: Giants 31-Cowboys 14December 11,2011: Giants 37-Cowboys34November 14, 2010: Cowboys 33-Giants 20October 25,2010: Giants 41-Cowboys 35December 14, 2008: Cowboys 20-Giants 8November 2, 2008: Giants 35-Cowboys 14January 13, 2008: Giants 21-Cowboys 17(Note:Playoff Game. Giants win Super Bowl XLII, later against New England Patriots 17-14)November 11, 2007: Cowboys 31-Giants 20September 9, 2007: Cowboys 45-Giants 35December 3, 2006: Cowboys 23-Giants 20October 23, 2006: Giants 36-Cowboys 22December 4, 2005: Giants 17-Cowboys 10October 16, 2005: Cowboys 16-Giants 13 OTJanuary 2, 2005: Giants 28-Cowboys 24October 10, 2004: Giants 26-Cowboys 10December 21, 2003: Cowboys 19-Giants 3September 15, 2003: Cowboys 35-Giants 32 OTDecember 15, 2002: Giants 37-Cowboys 7October 6, 2002: Giants 21-Cowboys 17

Who Is A better TEAM the cardinals or the cowboys?

cardinal's are better than cowboys cardinal's have faster runners

Who won the cowboys vs giants football game?

Cowboys 24 to Giants 17

Who is better Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants?

GIANTS, DALLAS, it's ALL THE SAME. That's what makes horse races.

What was the score Cowboys giants 2007-2008 regular season?

September 9 - Cowboys 45, Giants 35 November 11 - Cowboys 31, Giants 20

Who has more wins in giants vs cowboys?


Who has the most rings in the nfl cowboys or giants?


Is the Dallas Cowboys better than the patriots?

They a million times better than the patriots

Are the cowboys better than redskins?

Yes they are alot better than the red skins

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