German group had a hit dida oder dida?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The song is "Die Da" by he Fantastischen Vier (Fantastic Four).

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Q: German group had a hit dida oder dida?
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German group with hit in US 90's?

Take That

What German German group wrote ''winds of change'' in the 1980s?

It appeared on The Scorpions' 1990 album Crazy World and was a global hit single in 1991. It was written by lead singer Klaus Meine.

What is the German word for hit?

schlagen means to punch Hit is a musical hit.

Who sang the song 'Be My Lover'?

The 1995 hit single 'Be My Lover' was preformed by the German singing group La Bouche. This song was included on the group's album Sweet Dreams and reached number 6 on the American Billboard charts.

What does shlagan mean in German?

Schlagen in German means to hit in English.

Which group sang Hit the Floor?

The group that sang "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" was Drowning Pool.

Motown borrowed a production concept in oder to mass produce hit record s what was that concept?

The assembly-line concept used in the automobile industry

Nena's 1980s hit 99 Luftballons was sung in this language?

Originally sung in German

When was Be My Lover created?

"Be My Lover" was created in 1995 by the German-American electronic music group La Bouche. It was a hit single from their debut album of the same name.

What group wiith a palindromic name had a hit single that was also a palindrome?

Group - ABBA Hit Single - SOS

What happens if you say Hitler to a German?

Depends on the situation. Worst thing that can happen : The German will hit your face.

When did Fool's Garden release Lemon Tree?

The German group Fool's Garden released the song "Lemon Tree" on the album Dish of the Day, which was released in 1995. The song went on to become a hit in 1996.