George nissen who were his parents?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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randy orton and kelly kelly

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Q: George nissen who were his parents?
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Who were george nissen's parents?

kelly kelly and randy ortons son

When did George P Nissen die?

George Nissen died on Aprol 7, 2010.

What date was George Nissen born?

George Nissen was born on February 3, 1914.

Is George Nissen the real inventor of trampolines?

Yes, George Nissen is the real inventor of trampolines.

What did George Nissen invent?


Was george nissen married?


When was George P Nissen born?


When did george nissen die?

April 7,2010

When was trampolining created and who by?

1934 and made my George Nissen he was born 1914 and died 2010

How many siblings did george nissen have?


Did george nissen have kids?

yes and a wife too so shutup

When did George Nissan died?

If you mean George Nissen that guy who invented the trampoline, he is supposedly still alive.