George best Manchester united

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Q: George best Manchester united
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Who was the best manchester united legend?

George Best

Who did george best play for?

Manchester United

Who is Manchester united's greatest signing of all time?

George Best George Best George Best George Best

When did George Best sign for Manchester United?

because he knew it was best club

Which Manchester united player played for Hibs?

George Best, no less

How many Manchester United players have won the balloon d'Or?

There have been 4 Manchester United winners, with 4 runners-up and 3 in third place. However, Bobby Charlton, George Best and Cristiano Ronaldo were placed more than once:3rd Duncan Edwards (English, Manchester United) 19571st Denis Law (Scottish, Manchester United) 19641st Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19662nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19671st George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19682nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19683rd George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19713rd Eric Cantona (French, Manchester United) 19932nd David Beckham (English, Manchester United) 19992nd Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 20071st Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 2008

Who was George best?

He was a famous Manchester United and Northern Ireland soccer player.

Belfast airport is named after which formor Manchester united soccer player?

George Best.

What jobs were held by George Best throughout his life?

George Best was a professional footballer who played for Manchester United. Before his playing career, he worked as an errand boy on Manchester Ship Canal.

Which English football club did George Best join immediately after leaving school?

Manchester United

Belfast airport is named after which former manchester united soccer player?

George Best.

Who are the Manchester united holy trinity?

A statue of Manchester United's 'Holy Trinity' of Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law has been unveiled at Old Trafford.