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Q: Fundamental duties of citizens of Canada?
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About Indian citizens fundamental duties?

Indian Fundamental Duties are not enforceable by law/court.

Why are fundamental duties incorporated in Indian constitution when they are non justiciable?

the Fundamental Duties are non-justiciable. It means that the violation of fundamental duties, i.e. the non-performance of these duties by citizens is not punishable.

Importance of fundamental duties?

The importance of fundamental duties is that they define the moral obligations of all citizens to help in the promotion of the spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. However , they are not legally enforceable.

Why is it important for citizens to observe fundamental duties in a democracy?

Democracy only works if we make it work.

Why it is important for citizens in a democracy to observe the fundamental duties?

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Can you prepare a chart on fundamental duties of a student in a school?

no, i can't prepare a chart on fundamental duties

What is Canada's duties?

what are Canada's duties

What are the two fundamental duties of soft-PBX?

The two fundamental duties of a softPBX are call signaling and voice transmission

What role does the Constitution play in people's struggles for equality?

The Constitution plays an important role by laying down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishing the structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government institutions, and most importantly setting out fundamental rights, directive principals, and the duties of citizens.

What is the source of fundamental duties in Indian constitution?

fundemental duties are derived from Russian constitution

Non citizens of India have Which fundamental right?

Non Citizens have the basic fundamental rights such as Article 14-Right to Equality and Article 21- Right to Life, the other fundamental right are only available to the citizens of India.

What constitution of the world has fundamental duties enshrined in it?