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Q: Fun things to do in New Zealand?
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What do kids do for fun in New Zealand?

New Zealand kids play and have fun in a very similar way to kids in other developed countries.

What are some things that are about new zealand that start with w?

Wellington is the capital city in New Zealand

Why is there so much street racing in new zealand?

because its fun

What are some New Zealand things that begin with the letter U?

Upper Hutt is the name of a city in New Zealand.

What important things has New Zealand done and is famous for?

New Zealand is famous for a variety of things. Some of these things include trout, golf, sheep, as well as Olympic gold medals.

What is New Zealand word for fun?

mean, mint, choice. lol chur bro!

Is New York fun?

New York might be fun with all the awesome things they have!

Where is fun ho toy museum?

There is a "Fun Ho Toy Museum" in New Zealand, near New Plymouth: 25 Rata Street Inglewood Taranaki 4330.

What types of tourism does New Zealand have?

tourism grows in new zealand its one of the most important thing there

What is best about New Zealand?

New zealand is a great country and there are lots of special things about it. Different cultures, great community and lots lots more.

What are 3 things produced in new zealand?

Sheep, Milk, butter

What big things did Abel Tasman achieve?

He discovered New Zealand.