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In 1992 Cricket World Cup first time white balls were used.

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Q: From when world cup cricket started to use white balls?
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When did World Cup cricket started?

World cup cricket stated in 1975

How is the game of cricket started?

W G Grace made Cricket more popular and started bringing batting and bowling back into the world.

What do Chinese believe how the world started?


How did cricket spread in different parts of the world?

while 2 young boys started playing cricket in different parts of the world, the game cricket became famous :P

Who made the fastest hundred in cricket world cup 2011?

Kevin O'Brien scored the fastest hundred in cricket world cup 2011. He scored his hundred only of 50 balls.

From which cricket world cup white ball was introduced?


What was the uniform of India in the 1983 ODI Cricket World Cup?

In 1983 there was no separate dress code for ODI Cricket. It was white uniform as in Test Cricket.

Who was the Man of the Match in the 1975 Cricket World Cup Final?

Clive Lloyd of West Indies was the Man of the Match in the 1975 Cricket World Cup Final. He scored 102 runs from 85 balls in the final.

What year did the cricket world cup start?

it started in 1975 and was held in England

When cricket world cup of 2011 started?

It was start on 19 Feb 2011.

Who was cricket player takes four wicket in four ball in world cup match?

Lasith Malinga was cricket player takes four wickets in four balls in world cup against south africa in 2007

When was the first 15 overs fielding restriction rule in the icc cricket world cup?

The 15 Overs fielding restriction rule was started in 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Who has start the game of cricket in the world?

the british started it they used pigs bladdersforthe ball

What was the colour of the ball used in first cricket world cup?

black and white

Who is the second fastest Century maker in all the cricket world cup in how many balls?

Matthew Hayden made 2nd fastets century against South Africa in 2007 on 66 balls.

Who hit the fastest century in the 2003 Cricket World Cup?

John Davison of Canada hit the fastest century off 67 balls in the 2003 World Cup.

Which was the first world cup to use white cricket ball and colored uniforms?


Which team defeated Indian Team in a match in the World Cup Cricket 2011?

India defeated by South Africa in 2011 cricket world cup by 2 wickets and 3 balls remaining.

Why was Cricket World Cup held in 1999 instead of 2000?

World Cup was started in 1975.And world cup happens after every 4 years.

Who faced more balls in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar - 27145 for India Matches in ICC World Cup 2011

Which player played most matches in world cup cricket as captain?

As of March 2011, New Zealand's Stephen Fleming has started 26 Cricket World Cup matches as captain. Ricky Ponting, who has started 25 World Cup matches as captain, has won all but one World Cup match, against Sri Lanka in March 2011, which finished in a No Result.

What is the no1 sports in the world?

the best sports in world the just be a cricket cricket cricket.

When Srilanka start play world cup cricket?

SriLanka started playing world cup from 1993. a answer by: Venkatesh.

When was the white cricket ball introduced?

The white ball was introduced with the advent of day-night matches. Its first usage was on November 27, 1979, at Sydney Cricket Ground, during the first one day international of the World Series Cup.

Who scored the fatest century in icI cricket world and the name of the country?

Kevin O'Brien(Ireland) vs England in 2011.he made century on 50 balls.