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David Tate wore the number 49 for the colts through 1994-1997. Then the number was never used again.

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Q: From 1995 to 2005 who wore number 49 for the Colts?
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What year did the Indianapolis Colts have blue facemasks?

The Indianapolis Colts wore blue pants with their white jerseys for the first three games in the 1995 season.

1958 Baltimore colts 85?

No one wore the number 85 on the 1958 Baltimore Colts.

Who is the MLB that wore number 50 for the dolphins and came from unc and later played for the colts?

Dwight Hollier. Hollier played with the Dolphins between 1992-1999 and the Colts in 2000. He wore #56 for the Colts.

Who has worn number 19 for the colts?

Johnny Unitas wore it, and then they retired the number after he retired.

What player for the colts wore 85?

Pierre Garcon

What jersey number did bobby higginson wear for the Detroit Tigers?

Bobby wore #4 for the Tigers from 1995-2005.

How many guy wore the number 18 for the Colts and who are they?

Peyton Manning was the only player to have worn number 18 for the Indianapolis Colts. After leaving the team, his number was retired.

Who wore number 9 for the bills in 1995?

Punter Chris Mohr wore number 9 for the 1995 Buffalo Bills.

Who wore number 4 prior to bobby higginson on the Detroit Tigers?

Tony Phillips. Phillips wore #4 for the Tigers between 1990-1994 and Higginson wore #4 between 1995-2005.

Who wore number 86 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, Damon Mays wore the #86 for the Steelers.

Who wore 6 for the Yankees in 1995?

Tony Fernandez wore uniform number 6 for the 1995 New York Yankees.

Who wore number 79 for the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 2005, tackle Trai Essex wore #79 for the Steelers.