Freshman cheerleading try-outs advice

Updated: 10/22/2022
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* Know the routine forwards backwards and sideways * Have high jumps * Tumbling always helps * Be confident * Don't cheer to slow or fast, to loud or soft

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Q: Freshman cheerleading try-outs advice
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What are cheerleading try-outs like?

Cheerleading tryouts are similar to any tryouts for anything else. I mean really you go to a meeting prior to tryouts where the coaches usually explain everything that you need to know for tryouts. Like, what you have to wear, what to bring, when and where it is, and all that info. Tryouts itself is really where you learn a number of cheers (usually 2-4) and then a dance. You also learn proper techniques for arm motions, tumbling, and of course, jumps. Spiriting is also something they will review with you. It lasts for a few days. When it comes to the actually Tryout day, you group with a few girls and perform in front of the coaches (or judges) and get scored. Then its a waiting game to find out if you made the team. Hope that helps :] ______________________________ well, i love that time of the year. when cheer tryouts come around the corner=) ... i always get so nervous and I'm like, "I'm not going to make it!" but i do everytime and prove myself wrong. just love that feeling. -kamraellen.

I went to soccer tryouts and all of the other girls are better then me I don't feel very confident Any Advice?

Dont give up just keep trying your can do it .

What should you say if someone 3 years older than you asks you out and you are a freshman and they are a junior?

Go for it BUT make sure that they like you for who you are not for SEX! Answered by Kayla Syme Thanks for the advice! Damen

What if your a freshman and a senior asks you out you think you might like him but don't really know should you go out with him?

My advice to you is to go for it and give it a chance! If it doesnt work out then at least you could say that you tried right. You never know...........

You really like this girl you have never had a girlfriend and you just entered high school as a freshman you wanted to know what you should do How do i ask her out if that's the advice?

Get to know this girl! Talk to her, become friends with her and then decide whether you want to take it further with her. Be confident and don't be shy!

Cheerleading tryouts in one year. Did not make it this year what are some things I need to work on tumbling wise cheering wise everything and anything I can work on to make me make it this year?

I was in the same situation as you once. I tried out in sixth grade and didn't make my school cheer leading squad. The coaches told me to keep practicing everything and especially my tumbling, stunts, gymnastics and volume. They also told me to consider gymnastics lessons. They told me that if I wanted to be a cheerleader I had to be serious and dedicated. I tried out again the following year after taking their advice to the heart and I made it. What kind of squad are you trying out for? What kind of stunts, jumps, tumbling and cheers do they do? Some good advice is to stretch EVERY day. If you don't your body will get stiff and be inflexible. NEVER practice without a spotting partner as itsdangerous NEVERpractice with anyone you don't trust. Tumbling covers things like the forward roll, the cartwheel and the roundoff. If you are having trouble with these then the best advice I can give you is to practice. Practice until you are sick of practicing and keep practicing. Jumps are things like pikes, hurkies and toe touches. If you are having trouble with these then you should stretch often, remember to jump high and keep your arms tight in the correct positions. Stunts are things like lifts, pyramids and basket tosses. (Lifts are just hoisting someone up and baskets are throwing them into the air.) The best thing to do when practicing these is too practice with the group. If you have the money I would consider enrolling into a gymnastics class if you think it would help.You should consider a local cheerleading gym in your area where you could take tumbling classes specifically geared for cheerleading

You are a freshman and a girl likes you and you have mutual feelings but I do not knowhow to hook up you feel stupid but you need an answer soon?

The way I would do it is by just go up to her and say hey I really like you can we get together. I have no experience but hope this works. See some of the advice on the links below; they're pretty good.

Why would someone try out for a cheerleader?

It's a fun experience. In a way, it's kind of like a sisterhood where you have a whole team that will support you and give you advice on just about anything (especially if you're an underclassmen).

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What is advice on trying out for a middle school softball team?

get a smoothie or a fruit juice before the tryouts and think about the things you can do to blow them away.Be positive and enjoy it as much as you can. If you don't make the team then don't give up try again the next year. If you do make it don't brag just be happy you did make the team. Remember never have anything that will make you sick if you know that it will be hot or that you will be running alot.

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