French sport names

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.Le football (football)

.Le tennis (tennis)


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Q: French sport names
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What is the french word for sport?

You say sport in french the same way you spell sport: Sport

How do you say sport in french?

The word sport is also sport in French (le sport) but also jeu (game).

What is the french word for the sport of rowing?

The French for the sport rowing is "aviron"

Is sport masculine or feminine in French?

"le sport" is a masculine noun in French.

What sport is an anaerobic sport?

8 names about sports

How do you write the word 'sport' in french?

It's the same in French, it's masculine so it'd be "Le sport"

How do you say extreme sport in french?

un sport extrême

What is 'Quel sport' when translated from French to English?

"what sport?"

Do you like sport in french?

Vous faire aime le sport?

Did you play a sport in French?

Avez-vous pratiquer un sport?

How do you say national sport in french?

you say it "un sport national".

When did french rugby become an international sport?

Rugby is an English sport, developed at Rugby School, also played by the French

What are the names of the sport players?


How do you say what is your favorite sport in french?

mon sport favorite est

What business names have sport in it?

JD Sports Sport Direct EA Sports

What sport did the french invent?


What is 'terrain de sport' when translated from French to English?

Terrain de sport in French is "sports ground" in English.

Is 'sport' feminine or masculine in French?

Sport is a masculine, not a feminine, word in French. The masculine singular noun, which means "exercise," "sport" or "sports" in English, may be preceded immediately by the masculine singular le since French employs definite articles where English does and does not use "the." The pronunciation will be "(luh) spor" in Alsatian French.

What is sport in French?

Sportif if its masculine or sportive if its femanine but this means sporty not sport

What is your favorite sport in french?

Ce qui est votre sport préféré

How do you say in french what is your favorite sport?

Quel estton sport prรฉfรฉrรฉ ?

How do you spell sport in french?

It's spelled the same in French as it is in English.

How do you say westling in French?

Wrestling (sport) is 'la lutte' in French.

Is 'Quel est ton sport prefere' a sentence in French and if so what does it mean?

"Quel est ton sport prefere?" is french and means "What is your preferred (favorite) sport?"

How do you say she's the sport teacher in french?

shes la professeur de sport wrong she's isnt a french word its elle et la professeu de sport