Frank lampard-100 goal for Chelsea

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Bobby Tambling is Chelsea's all-time top goalscorer, with 202 goals in 370 games (1959-70).[42] Seven other players have also scored over 100 goals for Chelsea: George Hilsdon (1906-12), George Mills (1929-39), Roy Bentley (1948-56), Jimmy Greaves (1957-61), Peter Osgood (1964-74 & 1978-79), Kerry Dixon (1983-92), and Frank Lampard (2001-) - I received this information on

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Not yet.

As of Dec-2009, 89 goals in 303 appearances.

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Q: Frank lampard-100 goal for Chelsea
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Who is chelsea's all time goal scorer?

Didier Drogba didier drogba or frank lampard!!!!!!!!!!

How tall is Chelsea Frank?

Chelsea Frank is 5' 3".

What nicknames does Chelsea Frank go by?

Chelsea Frank goes by Chels.

In what match did Frank Lampard get his 100th goal for Chelsea?

He got his 100th goal in the 3-1 win agaisnt Huddersfied Town in the FA Cup 5th tound. Making him the 8th Chelsea player to score 100 goals for the club.

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder?

I think the highest paid midfielder is frank lampard.

Is Frank Lampard in Chelsea?

yes he is in chelsea

Who scored the longest goal and who scored it?

I think it was scored by Frank Lampard for Chelsea at an Premier League match against Stoke City in 2009

How much did Chelsea buy Frank Lampard?

Chelsea paid £11 million to get Frank Lampard from west ham

How is the Chelsea penalty taker?

Lampard is the one who takes penaltys for Chelsea and if he is not playing ballack takes them

How many goals scored by mikel obi at Chelsea fc?

He has scored no goal for Chelsea to date.

How many goals have mikel obi scored for Chelsea?

He ha scored no goal for Chelsea to date

What is Merrimack hockeys goal song?

Chelsea Dagger