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It would depend on who committed the foul.

A foul committed by a defender, against an attacker, in the penalty area is a penalty kick for the attackers. A foul committed by an attacker, against a defender, in the penalty area is a direct free kick for the defense.

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Q: Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer?
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What soccer actions would result in a goal kick?

If an attacking player knocks the ball past the goal line (but not in the goal), and if the goalkeeper is fouled inside his 6-yard box.

What is the difference between goal box and penalty box in soccer?

The goal box is where you kick the ball past the goalie to score a goal for your team. The penalty box in soccer occurs around the18 yard area and is just before the goal line. It can result in a penalty kick if the ball goes here.

What is a 6 yard kick in soccer?

If a foul happens inside the 6-yard box of the defending team, a free kick is awarded on the 6 if that's what you mean...

What is youth Spring Soccer I know that the field is half the normal length but what else is different from a youth soccer game?

You can also shoot inside the 18 yard box.

What is bad aspects for a pro soccer player?

A bad aspect for a pro soccer player could be committing a foul inside the 18-yard box, or possibly scoring in your own goal on a corner kick.

What is a 10 yard kick in soccer?

Nothing. You can only have a 12 yard kick, which is a penalty.

What is the best distance to shoot from in soccer?

about 15 yard.

In the game of soccer when is the goalie allowed to use their hands?

The goalie is only allowed to use their hands when inside the 18 yard line (the big goal box which they are protecting).

What is the purpose of the 10 yard box in the soccer field?

It has to be the penalty.

What is the radius of the corner arc on a soccer field?

1 yard

How many inches are inside a yard?

There are 36 inches in a yard. There are also 3 feet in a yard.

Who 40 yard dash soccer?

I t was the dick sucking rat from space.

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