Former cubs closers for last 10 years?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Since 1999, 35 different Cubs have saved at least one game. The following are the ones who have saved at least 5 games for the Cubs since 1999:

Ryan Dempster

Joe Borowski

Rick Aguilera

Kerry Wood

LaTroy Hawkins

Tom Gordon

Antonio Alfonseca

Kevin Gregg

Bob Howry

Terry Adams

Jeff Fassero

Carlos Marmol

Rod Beck

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Q: Former cubs closers for last 10 years?
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What former Chicago Cubs players are now broadcasters?

Mark Grace - handles color commentary for Arizona DiamondbacksRick Sutcliffe - works for ESPNGary Matthews - does color commentary for the PhllliesKieth Moreland - Has filled in for Cubs TV broadcasts the last couple of years.

When was the last time the cubs won?

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. That is over 100 years ago!

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Chicago Cubs

When was the last time the Cubs won their divison?

The Cubs last won the NL Central Division in 2008.

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The Cubs last won a National League Championship in 1945.

What is the record for cubs vs pirates last 4 years?

2005: Cubs 11 wins, Pirates 5 wins 2006: Cubs 6 wins, Pirates 9 wins 2007: Cubs 8 wins, Pirates 7 wins 2008: Cubs 14 wins, Pirates 4 wins 2005-2008: Cubs 39 wins, Pirates 25 wins

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When have the Cubs been in the World Series?

The last time the cubs were in the world series was 1945. the last time they won was 1907-1908

When was the last time the cubs played in the World Series?

The Chicago Cubs won two World Series titles in 1907, and the last in 1908.

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The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908. They also won in 1907.