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forfeit (Baseball) In rare cases, baseball games are forfeited, and the score is recorded with the forfeiting team scoring no runs; their opponents are credited with the same number of runs as innings scheduled. Thus, a forfeited professional baseball game score will be 9-0; most amateur leagues play seven-inning games, thus forfeits are recorded as 7-0. However, if a forfeit occurs in the middle of a official game in which the forfeiting team is losing, the score will be recorded as it stands at the point of forfeit. from the score is one run per inning for the winning team and 0 runs for the losing team.

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13y ago run for each inning of a regulation length game.

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For the NHL (and in most sports regardless of level of play) it is 1-0. See the related link section below for the NHL official ruling.

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20 - nil

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Q: Forfeit score in little league baseball?
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What does GP stand for in little league baseball score?

Normally GP in any scorebook stands for Games Played.

What is the lowest winning NFL score?

I know that twice the score was 2 to 0 and the teans involved both times were the Bears and Packers. What I don't know if it was forfeit situation. It would not be forfeit as a forfeit results in a 1-0 decision.

What is the score of a forfeit in high school basketball?

2 - 0

What is the average losing score in major league baseball?


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What score is recorded for an unplayed forfieted game in major league baseball?


What is the score of a forfeited baseball game?

9-0 is the official score for any forfeited major league game, regardless of the length of the contest held thus far. There have been 8 forfeited games since 1901, the most infamous being the last game played by the Washington Senators - fans stormed the field in the top of the ninth inning with two outs. The Senators were leading 7-5, but as a result of the umpires forcing them to forfeit, the official score for the record book was 9-0 Yankees.The official score of any baseball game is one point per regulation inning for the non forfeiting team and zero for the forfeiting team. In MLB that results in 9-0, in high school (7 innings) the official score would be 7-0.

What is the score of the NFL game?

The score of a forfeited NFL game is 2-0. The reasoning behind this is that a safety is the only way to score in an NFL game in which no points are credited to a specific player. There has only been 1 official forfeit in NFL history (1920 - Rochester Jeffersons lost by forfeit to the Washington Pros/Senators).

When crossing home plate to score can you be touched?

In Major League Baseball, definitely. Collisions between catchers and runners attempting to score are an intrinsic part of the game.Softball is a different matter. Some league allow it, others do not.----------Only professional baseball allows other than incidental contact.

How do you win baseball?

To play major league baseball, it is a good idea to being playing baseball early. Play during college and work hard to get scouted by a major league team.

Who won the 2008 little league world series?

A team from California last year, winning over Japan 2-1

What is the official score of a forfeit win in football?

I do not believe a score is listed; it is just listed as a win. The occurrence is so rare, it is hard to find an answer. I know back when ties existed the score was listed as 0-0, and no one was credited with a win.