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Q: For which sport would you practice on nursery slopes?
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Which sport would you practice on nursery slopes?

skiing of snowboarding is done on nursery slopes they are less steep and generally easier runs to complete

Does skiing and snowboarding go on the same slopes?

No. Snowboard cross is a downhill sport, but the slopes are not any where near as steep as downhill racing - snowboarding on an Olympic level downhill ski course would be suicide.

Would perpendicular lines have negative or positive slopes?

I believe they have Negative Slopes as stated by my Geometry Book. "Perpendicular Lines Have Slopes Which Are Negative ___"

What nursery rhymes would you like to see on YouTube?

Nursery rhymes suck.

What is the best website for nursery ideas?

I think the best website for nursery ideas would have to be It has everything you need to look for in nursery information, so check it out!

What would be the admission fees for nursery at holly cross school at kalyan?

nursery fees chart monthly

Where would you find plants in a nursery?

Yes, the place where ornamental plants are grown, produced or cultivated is called a nursery.

What is the Nike girls in sport project?

Girls in Sport Project was designed to provide schools with a framework to develop a Girls in Sport policy and action plan that incorporates best practice to develop initiatives that would improve the participation and enjoyment of girls in PE.

How was farming possible on mountain slopes?

Often the slopes are broken into multiple step like platforms and each one would be planted on.

Where on an island would you find steep slopes?

on tall mountains

If a superstar athlete had a baby boy girl and they became a famous athlete would that be an acquired trait?

NO NO NO NO NO. To play a sport it takes dedication and practice if they don't have enough heart to practice than they wont do very well.

Where can you find nursery rhymes?

You can find printed nursery rhymes in any well stocked bookshop, or in a public library. My choice would be to download and print nursery rhymes for free off the internet: search for children's nursery rhymes.There are several websites that display nursery rhymes as videos - they proved a boon when my children and grandchildren were very young.