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No. The ancient Olympics were a sports festival but also a religious festival celebrated in Greece by Greeks to honor the Greek gods.

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Q: For the ancient Olympics was the Olympic Torch carried around different countries?
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Why wasn't the Olympic games in the ancient Olympics?

it was in ancient olympic

What were the different type of Olympics in Greece?

There is th Modern and ancient olympic games.

Which countries competed in the ancient olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only open to different greek regions.

What women was aloud in the real ancient Olympics the ancient olympic games?

No, there was only olympic games for men in ancient olympic history

What countries were at the first ancient Olympics?

the first olympic games were in greece and only greek atheltes were involved

How was the Heraia different to the ancient Olympic Games?

the Olympics were only for men; the Heraia was the festival for women

What countries took part in the ancient Olympics?

Ancient Olympic games were sports competitions held between different city states of Greece starting from 776 BC. These also included Athens, Heliopolis and Sparta.

Did the ancient Olympics have the Olympic rings?

No,they did not have it back then.

Did the ancient Olympics have an Olympic flag?


Differences in modern and ancient olympic high jump?

the diffrence between modern and ancient olympics is that it was not as safe and many were killed in ancient olympics

Can you have a list on the ancient rome Olympics?

No, there's no records or listings of the ancient Rome Olympics because ancient Rome never had the ancient Olympics. The Olympic games were Greek events. The emperor Nero tried to establish Olympic type games called the Neronia, but they soon fizzled out.

What are the different advents in ancient Greece Olympics?

The advent of the Greek Olympic Games is traditionally stated as 776 BCE.

How did people start the olympic torch in ancient Greece?

There was no Olympic Torch ceremony until 1936, and no torch at the Ancient Olympics.

Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

Why is the Olympic torch at the Olympics?

The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics.

Why do the Olympics happen?

The Ancient Olympics were banned but Pierre de Coubertin wanted people to do sports and then the Modern Olympic games were created in memory of the Ancient Olympic games so that kinda why.

In the ancient Olympics did they have Olympic symbols?

A laurel is made up off leaves and ancient greece olympic winners would wear them if they had won a olympic game

What did the Olympics consist of?

The ancient Olympic games consists of series of athletic competitions among representatives of city states of ancient Greece. Now all the countries are participating in these games.

What did the ancient greecs do in the Olympics?

competed in the olympic games of determining how great someone is, an example of an ancient greek olympic sport was the discus

What was the uniform for the ancient Olympics?

the ancient Olympic Games didnt have a uniform, they had to perform ..... naked!

Ancient Olympic events?

these were the events which were held in ancient olympics such as swimming,shooting etc.

In the Ancient Olympics was there an Olympic Torch?

not in the olympic games but there was one in the panathenaic festival which was held in athens

What was the Olympics called in ancient Greece?

They were called the olympic games!

Where did the Olympic game started?

The Olympics started in Ancient Greece.

Why did ancient Olympics have wars?

The Olympic Games were a week of no wars.