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Q: For how many games did Ron Francis wear number nine for the Pittsburgh Penguins before switching to number ten?
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What were the penguins called before 1961?

There was no Pittsburgh Penguins till 1967.

Why do people like the Pittsburgh penguins?

They were first known as the Pittsburgh Pirates but this changed because they played in the "igloo" which is the nick name of the mellon arena.

Who was captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins before Sidney Crosby?

Mario Lemieux. the for a year or two there was no captain just assistants. then Crosby

What teams played in the Stanley cup game in 2009?

The Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Detroit Red Wings. The same teams that played the year before. Only in 2008 the Detroit Red Wings won the cup, but in 2009, the Penguins took home the cup.

Who does Crosby play for?

he did not play in the OHl, it was in the QMJHL for the Rimouski Oceanic. hey boys. Crosby didn't play in the QM...whatever you said using every letter of the aplhabet. He played in the NBA for 2 and a half years before getting signed by Usher on youtube. Learning he had a voice of an angel he took on a singing career. It has come to my attention lately that everyone thinks he is in the NHL and just recently had a 26 game point streak?... clearly these people don't follow the NBA or listen to music because Crosby doesn't play in the NHL. Signed, Daffy Duck.

Why are King Penguins called King Penguins?

Because they are kings of other penguins. Actually, they were named first - that is, before the Emperor Penguins - and were thought to be the largest of the penguins at the time.

Who was Pittsburgh penguins first coach?

Former player George Sullivan was the head coach for the first two seasons before being replaced by Hockey Hall Of Famer Red Kelly. Hoped this helped :)

What year did the Pittsburgh Penguins first play on ice?

The Pittsburgh Penguins first season in the NHL was 1967-68. they were a member of the bunch collectively known as "the next six" which also included California seals, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Philadelphia Flyers and the St.Louis BluesAnswerThe Pittsburgh Penguins joined the NHL as an expansion team in 1967. Their first year saw them place fifth in the western division and out of the playoffs. The team wasn't a year old before owenership issues came to the front. As they worked through the financial issues, the Penguins would get the first taste of posteason play in their third year. They finished second in their division, making the NHL playoffs and before losing to the St Louis Blues in the semi-finals. After yet another change in ownership and front office moves, the Penguins were back in the playoffs in 1971, only to be swept by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Why is it important that the object is centered in the field of view before switching to a higher power objective?


What was Club Penguins name before?


What sported pimples before switching to dimples?

Golf balls.

When was Robert Francis' album Before Nightfall released?

Robert Francis' album titled "Before Nightfall" was released in 2009.