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the suitable point would be the the distance it runs

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Q: For a runner in a 100m dash a suitable reference point would be?
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What is a value that can be used as a reference point?

A Benchmark Fraction.If Zero is the description of nothing then it would be a useful reference point as everything else can be clearly defined

What is the turning point in the book The Maze Runner?

a turning point would be when Theresa comes but I can't think of another 1

How can you get the speed of runners?

Get a stopwatch. Get a runner (or get runners). Determine and measure the distance between point A and point B. Start the runner(s) at point A. Yell "GO!" and start your stopwatch; the runner(s) should start running from point A toward point B when you yell "GO!" When the runner(s) reach(es) point B, click your stopwatch and see how much time elapsed. This would be the speed of the runner(s) from point A to point B. If you need to convert this to other distances or other measurements, you will have to perform mathematical calculations accordingly.

If an objects position does not change relative to a reference point is it in motion relative to that reference point?

If we're in the realm of newtonian physics I would say that it couldn't be in motion relative to a reference point, of course quantum physics and seems to prove everything we believe wrong.

What is the potential energy of a 40 N object 10 meters above its reference point?

the energy forms back into its original state,form, and size. The reference point would be 4.556

What would be a good reference point to describe the motion of a dog?

The answer is on page 122

A place or an object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion?

That would be a reference point.

If a runner doesn't touch home why would the umpire call him safe?

If the runner doesn't touch home, the umpire should not call him safe. He should not make any ruling at that point.

What is used to measure an object's motion?

I believe you find that an object is in motion if the distance between it and a reference point is changing. A reference point is another object that is not moving that you would use to calculate if an object is moving.

What is a double steal?

say there is a runner on 1st and 2nd. the runner on second would run to 3rd and be safe then the runner on 1st would run twould be safeo second and say there is a runner on 1st and 2nd. the runner on second would run to 3rd and be safe then the runner on 1st would run twould be safeo second and

Can a base runner pass another base runner?

No they can not, and if a base runner does pass another base runner that base runner would be called out.

What is a Reference Points?

a reference point is a place that you begin at that you have just ended at.for example.......... i started at my schools main office..(origin) i then walked to my locker...from their i went to my locker would be a reference point.

What is Reference points?

a reference point is a place that you begin at that you have just ended at.for example.......... i started at my schools main office..(origin) i then walked to my locker...from their i went to my locker would be a reference point.

What is the best reason for not using a moving car as a reference point?

A moving object can not be used a a reference point because it has no fixed position.

What is the point of all duel runner parts in yogioh stardust accelerater?

duel runners are the whole point of yugioh 5ds otherwise it would be just like the rest:)

What happens to the batter when the ball hits the runner?

If the runner is in fair territory then the runner is out. But if the ball hits the runner in foul territory, then it would just be a foul ball. If the ball hits the runner in fair territory, the runner is out but if the batter is safe to 1st then they would be safe.

Without a reference point it would be difficult to define temperature Why?

The BIPM could not vote on an SI unit without reference points. novelstar:)

What is the frame of reference for a plane moving at 500 km h?

You can define a frame of reference depending on your point of view, but it would normally be the Earth.

If the bases are loaded with one out and the batter hits a ground ball - which hits his runner who is going from 1st to 2nd - does the runner on third advance to score?

I would say the runner is called out (would be Out #2) and the runner on third could advance to score. However, if there were two outs, the runner would be called out (Out #3) and therefore, the runner on 3rd would not be able to score (unless of course he crossed home plate before the runner got hit by the ground ball, then it would count)

In a double play if base nor runner are tagged is runner safe?

Yes, the runner would be safe.

What are fixed places on earths surface from which direction and locations can be discribedd?

It would be the reference point. Hope this helps :)

Is it possible for a system to have negative potential energy?

Yes. Potential energy can't be specified in absolute terms; you have to arbitrarily define a reference point. For the case of gravitation, any object below the reference point would have negative potential energy. What matters is not the number assigned to the potential energy, but the difference - this difference would be the same, even if you change your reference level.

Does the displacement arrow depend on the choice of reference point?

Yes and no.Some use "displacement" only to describe a change in the position of an object from some initial starting point to some ending point. That is, there is a distinction between "position" and "displacement." The position would be defined relative to a reference point. In that case the arrow depends only on where the particle was and where it ended up and the reference point does not matter.Others use a definition for displacement which describes the difference between an object's position and a fixed reference point. That is, how far an object is displaced from a certain point even if the object had never been at that point. A distinction between position and displacement is not made. For this latter definition, the choice of reference point will make a difference in the direction of the arrow.In physics problems one usually only cares about the changes in position (and velocity, etc) and the choice of reference point will not affect these.

How many different directions are you moving while sitting on a chair?

It depends on your reference point. You are moving when you move farther away from one reference point and closer to another. So an example of this could be that the floor is one reference point, and the ceiling is another. If you jump up, you would move closer to the ceiling and farther away from the floor. If you and a friend are your reference points, and you throw a ball to your friend, the ball moved bacause it went farther from you, and closer to your friend! That is how you know an object is moving! Now, technically we are always moving... the earth is moving! So if you are thinking about it like that, then maybe the sun is one reference point, and Mars could be the other! Who knows! But it just all depends on your reference point!

Is runner a verb?

No. The word 'runner' is a noun. It is not a verb because you can 'do' it. For example, one would not say "I am runner to the shops." They would say "I am running to the shops." 'Run' is the verb that you seek. A runner is somebody who runs, put simply.

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