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Dave hickson

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Q: Football players who have played for liverpool everton tranmere?
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Which players have played for tranmere and everton?

Dixie Dean (1923-25 Tranmere, 1925-37 Everton) The ones I can think of apart from Dixie Dean are: Thomas MyhreTony ThomasSteve SimonsenGary StevensPat NevinPaul RideoutStuart BarlowAnd another obvious link would be Dave Watson who played for Everton and managed Tranmere.

Name the players that played football for 5 or more clubs?

Nick Barmby - Leeds, Liverpool, Everton, Hull, Spurs

Which players have played for Liverpool and Everton and leeds?

Nick Barmby

What former Liverpool players middle name was everton?

michael owen

Which everton players have played for Liverpool in the premier league?

Nicky Barmby

How much football players are in Liverpool?


How many players in Liverpool football team?

There are 33 players in the football team 'Liverpool' They are the best 33 players in the world.. im Liverpool born and bread!!!!!!!! any other people are talkin BC

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Who playsfor Liverpool football team?

shhitty players

Liverpool players who have played for Liverpool and everton?

Nick barmby, Dave Watson, Peter Beadsley, Gary Ablett and Steve Mcmahon are a few to go on with.

How many players play for Liverpool football club?

a lot

What do the football clubs Leicester city everton fulham leeds united west ham united Manchester united Liverpool and blackpool have in common?

All had players in the England 1966 World Cup team.

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