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No. The ball is dead as of the illegal touch.

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Q: Football pass touches ineligible receiver first can a receiver catch and advance?
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Is there a loss of down for an ineligible receiver downfield?

No, not unless he touches the ball, in which case the penalty would be illegal touching. Ineligible receiver downfield: 5 yard penalty, replay the down Illegal touching by ineligible: 5 yard penalty, loss of down

Is an NFL receiver down when his knee touches?


What happens when the football hits the helmet of the receiving team?

a fumble that cannot be advanced by the kicking team Under current NFL rules, whether the ball hits a receiver in the helmet or not, is a non-factor. You can catch the ball off of your head, someone else's head, etc. So long as the ball never touches the ground. That said, it's illegal for a pass to hit an ineligible receiver first (an offensive lineman for example) in any way.

What is an interferance in football?

There are two types of interference in football. Defensive pass interference is when a defender covering a receiver touches and prevents a receiver from catching a ball which he could have caught. Offensive pass interference is when an offensive player prevents a defensive player from intercepting the ball by touching or pushing him in any type of way to get him away from the football.

Can you return a football if a defender touches it?

Yes, you can.

Is a player down in the nfl if the football touches the ground?

yes or if one knee touches the ground

Is a runner down if the football touches the ground?

No, unless his knee also touches the ground at the same time.

Is a college football player down if he touches the ball to the ground?


What happens if you throw your glove at the ball?

The batter may advance three bases if the thrown glove touches a batted ball, and runners may advance three bases. The ball is live and in play.The batter may advance two bases if the thrown glove touches a thrown ball, and runners may advance two bases. The ball is live and in play.

Is a runner on base permitted to advance on a fly ball as soon as the fielder touches the ball?


If the offense passes the ball and is tipped by a receiver first can the offensive lineman catch the ball and run?

Yes. Once the ball touches an opposing (defence) player or an eligible receiver first, the "eligible receiver" rule no longer applies.

In Mississippi high school football if a runner hand touches the ground is he down?


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