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24 games

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Q: Florida gators consecutive sellout record
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What is the Florida Gators all time record vs Florida State?

33-19 gators.............Go gators.......................on nov.27 it will be 34-19

Who holds the major league home attendance record of consecutive sellout games?

Cleveland indians

What is the win loss record between Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles?

Gators - Seminoles 32 - 19 with 2 ties

Who holds the Florida Gators record for most passing touchdowns in a single game?


What is the Florida gators football all time win loss record?

As of the 2008 season, Florida's all time record is 628-372-40.

What was the Florida Gator's record last year?

The Florida Gators 2009 season record was 13-1. (Loss to Alabama in SEC Title Game)

Which NHL team has the current longest consecutive sellout streak?

Minnesota Wild at 371, The Colorado Avalanche holds the alltime record at 487.

What is the Florida Gators all time record vs Michigan?

Michigan is 2-0 all time against the Gators. They have won both meetings

What Florida gators coach holds the record for most wins in a single season?

Urban Meyer

Did Florida university ever have a player name gabby lea?

The Florida Gators have a long history of NCAA championship football. However, there is no record of a player named Gabby Lea every playing for the Gators.

What team did the Florida Gators set an all time attendance record against at home?

The Tennessee Vols.

Who won the 2006 NCAA men's basketball championship?

Florida Gators won the 2006 NCAA Mens championship against the UCLA Bruins with 73-57 victory taking down the bruins 12 game winning streak Florida Gators record {33-6} UCLA Bruins record {32-7} This was the first NCAA Mens title in basketball history for the Florida Gators

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