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Popular sports played in Russia are football (soccer in America), hockey, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, Basketball, and track & field.

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Q: Five most important sports played in Russia?
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What are the top five sports played in America?

The top 5 sports played in America are: Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey.

What are five sports played on a court?

Basketball, racquetball, tennis, volleyball.

What percentage of people participating in sport participate in minority sports?

The top five sports played in clubs by boys aged 5 to 17 are:17% Soccer16% Rugby union14% Swimming8% Cricket8% HockeyThe top five sports played in clubs by girls aged 5 to 17 are:17% Swimming13% Netball10% Horse riding8% Tennis6% SoccerThe top five sports played by men are:26% Golf15% Cricket14% Tennis14% Touch football*11% Rugby union* Less physical form of rugbyThe top five sports played by women are:11% Netball10% Tennis9% Golf7% Touch football7% Skiing

What are the five most important sports in China?

Ping Pong, Swimming, Karate, Kung Fu and Ballet

What are the top five Sports Played in North America in the year 2000?

Basketball Football Baseball Hockey Tennis

Water polo first team sport?

Water Polo was introduced as a team sport to the Olympics in 1900 as were cricket, polo, rugby union, and tug of war. These five sports were the first five team sports played in the Olympics.

What is the top five most played sports in the US?

2.SOCCER 4. football

What is a sport comprising of five sports called?

a event comprising of five sports is called a pentathlon

How many doctors out of five say that sports is good for you?


How many social classes does Russia have?


What are some sports that are played between two teams of five players or more at a time?

soccer, hockey, football, lacross, rugby, baseball

What is the salary of a sports administrator?

Five dollars.

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