Fitness requirements for soccer

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Soccer is the most balanced team sport. Flexibility, stamina and strength are required in equal amounts.

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Q: Fitness requirements for soccer
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What is fitness requirements?

fitness requirements are the skills an athlete needs

What fitness levels are required for a table tennis referee?

There are no fitness requirements.

What is uses of soccer?

I think you mean 'what is the use of soccer' and I would say... fitness :)

How is soccer is a muscled fitness?

soccer is a muscled fitness cause ur leg muscled hit the ball and push the ball as hard as it can go

What are the fitness requirements for achieving excellence fitness in football?

you will need to do weight training

What are the fitness requirements for dancesport?

no dance is stupid

How can you be good at soccer?

You can be good at soccer by practicing ball work as well as fitness and loving the sport.

What are the components of physical fitness requirements for football?

The cmponents of physical fitness requirements for football are aerobic fitness would be one of the most important attributes, closely followed by anaerobic fitness (running speed and repeat sprint ability) and agility. you need a high level of cardiovascular fitness...

What requirements a 'Good' level of fitness?

gay bby

What are the physical requirements for Army ROTC?

Military fitness

What is the fitness rate for soccer?

You need a 23 on the beep test

What are the requirements for military Fitness?

Inquire your local government authority on the requirements for military Fitness. They have camps and assessment tests for new recruits and veterans to do to establish your level of physical endurance, activity and Fitness. Some courses vary.

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