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Eugene Davis, University of Penn Quakers Sources have cited a University of Pennsylvania home football game from 1938 as the first televised football game.[8] This is likely due to the 1981 NCAA Television Briefing Book, which saidCollege football television had begun in 1938, when one of the University of Pennsylvania's games was beamed from Franklin Field to the Philco offices-laboratories, also in Philadelphia. As far as is known, there were six television sets in Philadelphia; and all were tuned to the game.[9]

However, this game occurred before the 1939 world's fair, which marked the beginning of regularly scheduled television broadcasts.[10] This, along with the fact that the game was broadcast to the Philco laboratories, likely means the game was used as a field test.

The University of Pennsylvania hosted the first full schedule of College Football games in 1940.[11]

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Q: First touchdown in college football on television?
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