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The first soccer player to score 5 goals in 1 match is Lionel Andres Messi. He did this in March 2012.

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Q: First soccer player to score 5 goals in one match?
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What is a httrick in soccer match?

Three goals by one player in a game.

What is the most goals scored by a player in 1 soccer match?


Who is cat?

Cat is a famous soccer player who scored 14 goals in 1 match.

Who is the first soccer player in the history of the world cup to score 5 goals in one match and which year was it?

Oleg Salenko, in 1994.

Most goals scored in soccer by a player in an individual game?

Ali Daie from the Iranian National soccer team He scored 23 goals in one match

In soccer what is a hat trick?

In soccer a hat trick is rered to three goals scored by one player in one match only.

Who was the first soccer player?

The first soccer player would be whoever took kick off in the first ever match. The first ever international match was between England and Scotland in 1860. The first club match is not as far as I know record.

What do you call 4 goals made by one player in a soccer match?

4 goals scored in a football match is quite a special achievement. It is therefore called a "Super-Hattrick".

Has any soccer player ever score 6 goals in a soccer match?

in 2003 kyle stockton score 7 goals in a game with only his head. in you count feet he scores 12.

What is the biggest scoreline in soccer?

I think it is 129 goals in a match.

Who was the first player to score four goals in a premiership match?

Efan Ekoku

What is the most goals scored by a soccer team in a match?

What is the most goals scored by a soccer team in a match Astralia 31-0 AmericaSamoa 2002 FIFA World Cup QualifiER

How many goals will a player score to take the football in a match?

Traditionally, any player who scores three goals in a match is given the match ball.

Who was the first player to score 4 goals in a premier league match?

It was Efan Ekoku

When did Thierry Henry scored his first goals?

Thierry Henry was a famous French football (soccer in America) player. He had scored his first unofficial goals by the age of 7, as that was when football clubs first began noticing his innate talent. His first official, recorded goals from a match occurred while he was being scouted at the age of 13.

Who was the first player to be shown a red card in a soccer match world cup?

robert elms

What was the most goals scored by an individual in a soccer match?

8 I dont no who though

Most goals in a soacar match?

The most goals in international soccer was 31-0 when Australia beat American Samoa

Player to score most goals in match?

Is it Ronoldhino.

What does MVP in soccer stand for?

Most Valued Player. It is the player that is adjudged to have made the biggest contribution to the match, the player of the match.

How do you score a goal in soccer?

well, what you have to do is score two goals in a match then you would have scored a double!

Can the hands put a player offside in a soccer match?


Is Arshavin the first player to score 4 goals in a premiership match without being on the winning side?


What equipment do you need for indoor soccer?

Field equipment needed for an indoor soccer match includes 2 soccer goals and a soccer ball. Player equipment includes indoor soccer cleats, clothing (soccer socks, shorts, jersey), and shin guards. You should never play soccer without shin guards.

What year was the first cup soccer match in?

it was in 1930

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