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Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees in 1927.

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Harry Stovey reached 100 career home runs in 1890

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Rogers Hornsby

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Q: First major league baseball player to hit 100 home runs in a career?
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What marks did Jackie Robinson leave?

In Major League Baseball, perhaps it can be said that Robinson's first marks were at the beginning of his baseball career. He was the first Black baseball player in the Major's and in his initial year he was named as the National League's Rookie of the Year. Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who was the first Latin baseball player?

The first latin major league baseball player was Louis Castro.

Who are some deaf pro athletes?

William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy (1862-1961) was the first deaf player to have a long career in major league baseball.

What baseball players first name starts with y?

Yogi Berra is a former major league baseball player and manager. He played for the New York Yankees and managed the Yankees after his playing career ended.

Is there a tradition of ignoring a major league baseball player when he gets back to the dugout after hitting his first career home run?

Yes. Sometimes players do it after a guy first joins a new team as well

Who you Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player who became the first black player in the major league of baseball

Who was the first player to reach 200 Premier League goals?

Alan Shearer is the only player to score 200 goals in the English Premier League, he finished his career with 260 goals in the league.

First black player in baseball's american league?

Jackie Robinson

Who was the first African American professional baseball player in the American League?

Answer:Bud Fowler - 1878

Who is the first baseball team?

The Cincinnati reds were the first baseball club to pay a player, therefor making it the first professional team in major league baseball.

Who was the first major league baseball player with 4000 hits?

Ty Cobb.

First black player in modern major league baseball?

Jackie Robinson.