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Charles bannerman of Australia has made the first century in test match against england he has scored 165 not out in the fist match of history of test cricket.

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Q: First cricket player made 100 runs in test?
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First Indian cricket player to get 100 runs?

Lala Amarnath

Who made 10000 test runs first?

Sunil gavaskar of India was the first to made 10000 test runs in test cricket

Who is the first player to make 10000 runs in test cricket?

Sunil Gavaskar (India).

Who was the first player to cross 5000 runs in test cricket?

Sir John Berry Hobbs of England.

First cricket player of cricket in first one day cricket match?

There won't be a first player but instead a first two teams. The first One Day International (ODI) was played on the 5th Jan 1971 between Australia and England. Each team had a maximum of 40 overs each. England made 190 all out in 39.4 overs and Austarlia scored the runs with 42 balls left to win by 5 wickets

Which cricket player has the most runs?

sachin tendulkar

Which player has the most runs in cricket?

kwame mbuga

What is a maiden century in cricket?

1st 100 runs of a player

The first player who scored 10000 runs in cricket?

there has not been a pro get 1000 but brian Lara got 400 odd once

How many runs made rahul dravid in test cricket?

13288 Runs.

Who was the first person to reach 10000 runs in tests?

Sunil Gavaskar of India was the first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in test cricket.He made 10,122 runs at an average of 51.12.He was the first cricketer in the history of test cricket to do so

Which Indian player has got maximum runs in International cricket?

Of course it is the god of cricket Sachin ramesh tendulkar ..,..........