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Mike Hawthorn in 1958 driving for Ferrari.

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Q: First british world champion in formula one?
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First British formula 1 world champion?

Mike Hawthorn is the first British formula 1 world champion.

Who was the first formula one champion from nz?

The first and only Formula One World Champion for New Zealand was Denny Hulme. This was in 1967.

Who was the 1947 Formula 1 world champion?

The first Formula 1 race was in 1947, but the first World Championship season was in 1950.

Who is the 2008 Formula One Grand Prix World Champion?

The British driver Lewis Hamilton

Who was the last british driver to be formula one grand prix world champion?

Lewis Hamilton

Who was the first british heavyweight champion of the world?

The first brit to win a world title @ heavyweight was Bob Fitzsimmons.

Who was the first formula one world drivers champion?

The first Formula One World Championship was won by Italian Giuseppe Farina in his Alfa Romeo in 1950

Who became the youngest and first black Formula One World Champion?

Lewis Hamilton

Who is the 2007 Formula 1 Champion?

Kimi Raikkonen was the 2007 Formula One world champion.

Who was Formula 1 Champion first Nigel Mansel or James Hunt?

James Hunt. He was world champion in 1976 whilst Nigel Mansell was world champion in 1992. They raced in different eras.

Who was formula one world champion 2014?

2014 Formula One World Drivers' Champion, Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

Which was the first ever race of formula 1 held?

The first-ever Formula 1 Grand Prix was held at the Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix. It was held on May 13th, 1950 and was won by 1950 World Champion, Giuseppe "Nino" Farina.

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