First batter to hit 4 hrs in one game?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: First batter to hit 4 hrs in one game?
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What team was babe Ruth on when he hit three hrs the first time in a single game of the world series?

red sox

How many home runs did Dwight Evans hit in one game?

In MLB, the most HRs Dwight hit in a game was 2 ... he did this 22 times.

Who hit the first home run at San Francisco's PAC Bell ballpark?

The first home run hit in a regular season game at Pacific Bell Park was by Kevin Elster of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third inning of the first regular season game played there on April 11, 2000. Elster hit two more that game, in the fifth and eighth innings. J.T. Snow, Doug Mirabelli, and Barry Bonds hit HRs for the Giants in the game.

Did Albert belle get a grand slam in an all-star game?

No, he never hit any HRs in an all star game nor a grand slam.

Who is the 1st player to hit 30 home runs in both leagues?

Dick Stuart. Stuart, a first baseman, hit 35 HRs for the 1961 Pittsburgh Pirates and 42 HRs for the 1963 Boston Red Sox.

I believe rocky colavito hit four home runs in a game during the 1965 or 1966 season with cleveland. Am I right?

No ... that was June 10, 1959 when Rocky, playing for the Indians, hit 4 HRs against the Baltimore Orioles at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The most HRs he hit in a game in the 1965/1966 seasons was 2 which he did four times in 1966.

Who was the first to hit five HRs in one World Series?

Reggie Jackson of the 1977 New York Yankees.

What baseball players have hit 40 home runs during a season in their career and also have stolen 40 bases in a season of their career but not the same season?

Barry Bonds had 52 SBs and 33 HRs for the 1990 Pirates and 43 SBs and 25 HRs for the 1991 for the Pirates. He hit 40+ HRs in 8 seasons. Willie Mays had 40 SBs and 36 HRs for the 1956 Giants. He hit 40+ HRs in 6 seasons. Brady Anderson had 53 SBs and 21 HRs for the 1992 Orioles. He hit 50 HRs in 1996 for the Orioles. Alfonso Soriano had 43 SBs and 18 HRs for the 2001 Yankees and 41 SBs and 39 HRs for the 2002 Yankees. He hit 46 HRs in 2006 for the Nationals. Vladimir Guerrero had 40 SBs and 39 HRs for the 2002 Expos. He hit 40+ HRs twice for the Expos (1999 and 2000). Carlos Beltran had 41 SBs and 26 HRs for the 2003 Royals and and 42 SBs and 38 HRs for the 2004 Royals/Astros. He hit 41 HRs in 2006 for the Mets. Ryne Sandberg had 54 SBs and 26 HRs for the 1985 Cubs. He hit 40 HRs in 1990 for the Cubs.

Can you make popover batter 4 hrs before baking?


Which two players hit 20 home runs with the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers?

Cecil fielder tony clark The answer is Gary Sheffield and Curtis Granderson. Clark never hit 20 HRs for the Yankees ... he hit 16 in his only season with the team (2004). Fielder's hit 13 HRs in both his seasons (1996 and 1997) with the Yanks. Sheffield hit 25 HRs for the Tigers in 2007 and 36 and 34 HRs for the Yankees in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Granderson hit 23 HRs for the Tigers in 2007 and 24 and 41 HRs for the Yankees in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

How many hrs did Babe Ruth hit?

He hit 714 career home runs.

Who was the Reds' first baseman in 1961?

Starting first baseman for the 1961 Reds was Gordy Coleman. He played in 150 games and hit .287 with 26 HRs and 87 RBIs.