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The St. Louis Cardinals were original members of the National League1901 and was the first professional major league team west of the Mississippi River. The St. Louis Browns joined the American League in 1902 as Milwaukee francise moved to St. Louis.

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One of the first black Baseball teams was the Indianapolis Clowns. Hank Aaron began his baseball career in that Negro League team.

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Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Q: First baseball team west of Mississippi River?
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Which of the following baseball team plays home games in a city west of the Mississippi river atlantas braves Houston astros Cincinnati reds Baltimore orioles?

Texas is west of the Mississippi River. The Houston Astros play in Houston, Texas which is west of the Mississippi River.

Are most NFL team is located east or west of the Mississippi river?

East of the Mississippi

What river is named for the baseball rookies profesional baseball team?

Rookie River

Who lead the team to find the Mississippi river in 1541?

Hernando De Soto

Who are the River Rats baseball team in Missouri?

the worst team

What is the most popular sports team in Mississippi?

the rhinos of Mississippi river community college. The 10000b.c. national champs of college cricket

Which baseball teams play home games in cities west of the mississippi river?

The St. Louis Cardinals were the first Major League Baseball team established west of the Mississippi River, in 1892. Here is a current list of teams located west of the Mississippi: Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Los Angeles Dodgers Minnesota Twins Oakland Athletics St. Louis Cardinals San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers

What was the first baseball team to have a stadium with a roof?

the first baseball tea to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers the first baseball team to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers

Are there any pro athletic teams in Mississippi?

There are two Minor League Hockey teams: The Mississippi River Kings (CHL) and the Mississippi Surge ( formally Mississippi Sea Wolves) of the ECHL. There is one Indoor Football team, the Mississippi Mudcats ( formally the Tupelo Fire Ants)

Who is the first baseball team?

The Cincinnati reds were the first baseball club to pay a player, therefor making it the first professional team in major league baseball.

What state did the first professional baseball team begin and what team is it?

Ohio. The Cincinnati Reds are recognized as the first all professional baseball team.

Who explored the arkansas river in winter conditions?

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer who led his team on an expedition of the Arkansas river during 1541 and 1542. The journey explored most of Arkansas river from Mississippi to the mouth of the river.