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The first team sport in the Olympics was Water Polo.

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Q: First Olympic team sport
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Is there an olympic jumprope team?

no there is not but in at least one country its a sport but not an olympic sport

Is Olympic cycling a team sport?

cycling in the Olympics is individual and a team sport.

Which sport won the first gold medal for the New Zealand olympic team?

Jack Beatson

What is an Olympic sport with eleven players per team?


Is olympic archery a team sport?

Yes, there is individual and team competition in archery at the Olympics.

What sport did the US Dream Team play?

The USA dream team was the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

When did team handball become Olympic sport?

at the 1936 games in Berlin

The first softball team to win an olympic medal?

Softball was introduced as an Olympic medal sport for women in 1996. The United States won the gold medal at those Olympic Games held in Atlanta. As of now, softball is scheduled to be discontinued as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Is the Olympics a team sport?

there are some Olympic games that you don't need a team for but you do have to represent your country and be an expert to compete in any Olympic tournament

What was the first team sport added to the Olympics?

The first team sport to be added to the olympics was football :)

What year was softball first played as an official Olympic sport?

It was played in 1823 in China and George Washngton was in the USA natioal Team

How many years of training does it take to be on the Olympic team?

Depends on your skill and the sport.

Is the karate team participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Karate is not one of the Olympic sports. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and the US is participating.

What team sport has been part of the Olympic games longer than any other sport?

The longest running team sport in today's Olympics is water polo which was first played at the 1900 Games in Paris and has been played at every Summer Olympics since then.

What can't the softball olympic team play for a while?

Because the sport is being suspended.

Which country did the US baseball team defeat to win gold at the 2000 Olympics?

Baseball first became an official Olympic sport in 1992. NOT Japan

What medal did Mary king get in the Olympic games 2012?

Silver for Team eventing in the Equestrian Sport

How many gold medals has the Australian criket team won?

0. Cricket is not an Olympic Sport

What is the first team sport in the Olympics?


What was the first team sport invented?


What team sport played on ice was a demonstration in the seventh Olympic games?

Team Eric pickles on ice, watch it it's hot

What is the oldest surviving team sport held continually at the modern Olympic games?

i think it would be rugby !

What winter Olympic games are team sports?

Any sport that requires more than one player.

Which countries team is the first to walk in the olympic ceremoney?


The first team sport to be added to the Olympics?