Fifa best ranking team for 2009?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Currently it is Spain.

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Q: Fifa best ranking team for 2009?
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Who is the best team in FIFA 2010 world cup in Africa?

Brazil is the number 1 FIFA ranking team.

Which is the best team in FIFA worldcup 2010?

Brazil has the number 1 ranking according to FIFA

What is the 2009 FIFA world ranking of the Haitian national football team?

As of Decomber 2009, Haiti National Football Club were 90th in the FIFA World Rankings.

Which team is the best team in fifa 2009?

In the month of June 2009 it was Brazil.

Where are celticfc in the FIFA rankings?

Scotland are 47th in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings as of 17th October.

Who is the best team in FIFA?

In Fifa 09 the best club team is Manchester Utd. and the best international team is Brazil!

Are Manchester united the best team in Europe?

Well basically in FIFA Ranking's brought out every year they are currently 1st so yes Europe and World

Is chile on FIFA 11?

No. As of August 10, 2010, they became the 10th world ranking team.

What is the best FIFA soccer team in 2009?

In the July rankings by F.I.F.A it is Brazil who beat Spain for top post.

Which team is the underdog in FIFA 2010?

There are quite a few underdogs, but I guess you can say that North Korea is by far the underdog because they are the dead last ranking team (105th) according to FIFA.

What is the best team in fifa 14-?

The best team in FIFA 14 is Spains's Barcelona with players such as Messi and Neymar.

Is Manchester city the best team in FIFA 12?

The best rated team in FIFA 12 is World XI, which is a team with the best rated eleven people in the world.