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Q: Fencing is European Kendo and Kenjutsu are Japanese but what Is the name for Chinese Sword fighting?
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What is the scientific name for Japanese fighting fish?

The scientific name for the Japanese fighting fish is Betta splendens.

Is Kung Fu a Japanese or Chinese fightng style?

Kung Fu is a Chinese fighting style.

How did the Chinese civil war affect the Japanese invasion?

It weakened China because the Chinese were fighting each other.

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Because the chinese like goods that show prestige, and the succesfull japanse selfs buy european/Germans cars to look prestigues.

What languages does not belong on the European family tree of languages?

Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese do not belong on the European family tree of languages. These languages belong to different language families, such as the Afro-Asiatic language family for Arabic and the Sino-Tibetan language family for Chinese and Japanese.

What interactions occurred between European Indian Chinese and Japanese cultures?

EIC never liked the Japanese And always wanted to fight them and argue over bad economy

Is momoko Japanese or Chinese?

Momoko is a Japanese name. It is not common in Chinese culture.

Were Chinese people placed into internment camps during ww2?

Allied civilians and possibly European Jewish refugees

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Japan invaded China in 1937. The Japanese fought against the Chinese until the Second World War ended in 1945. The Chinese do not call it World War 2. The Chinese were only fighting the Japanese during this period, so the Chinese people call it "The War Against Japanese Aggression". It is also referred to as the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Japanese soldiers killed many Chinese people. There is a very good book and movie called "The Rape of Nanking". The Japanese soldiers cut off the heads of many Chinese people. They raped many thousands of Chinese women. They threw babies into the air and caught the babies on the tips of their bayonets. They buried many Chinese people alive. To this day, many Chinese people do not like the Japanese.

Is ninjas Japanese or Chinese?


Is Chinese and Japanese language same?

Chinese has different sounds, lettering, and meanings to their writings. Japanese is the same way but Japanese do borrow the Chinese lettering from the Chinese and but the Japanese do have their own pronunciation for it. They are still different languages.

Is Terra Chinese or Japanese?