Fellmonger pub in seacroft leeds

Updated: 10/23/2022
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It is in Ls14 which is classed at whinmoor.

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Q: Fellmonger pub in seacroft leeds
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Where is seacroft?

Seacroft is in leeds it is a very bad estate there is loads of trouble all the time

Where is ls14 in leeds?

LS14 is the Seacroft area of Leeds, to the East of the city.

Where did Louise Rennison attend School?

Parklands High School, South Parkway, Seacroft, Leeds 14

When was Seacroft Hospital created?

Seacroft Hospital was created in 1904.

When was Seacroft railway station created?

Seacroft railway station was created in 1873.

When did Seacroft railway station end?

Seacroft railway station ended in 1953.

Who owns the adelphi pub in leeds?

The Adelphi hotel and pub has a vibrant atmosphere. The manager of the hotel and pub is Alisdair Fitch and can be reached by calling 0113 245 6377.

Where is pudsey the bear from?

he officialy was made in pudsey in leeds in the pub called the royal

When did Battle of Seacroft Moor happen?

Battle of Seacroft Moor happened on 1643-03-30.

Who owns the junction pub on Leeds Road Bradford?

terry ginger fatboy peacock

What would a fellmonger sell?

Animal hides or skins.

How much did a pint of beer cost in 1980?

in a pub i went in though still 16 at the time the duke William mabgate leeds was 38p bitter an 40p larger