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The fastest mile by a horse was ran by the great Thoroughbred racehorse, Salvador. Salvador ran a mile in 1 minute and 35 and a half seconds (1:35 1/2).

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Q: Fastest mile by a horse
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Is the quarter horse the fastest horse?

No. The quarter horse is the fastest horse in a quarter mile, but it the Thoroughbred is considered the fastest horse hands-down.

What horse can run a quarter mile the fastest?

the quarter horse

What was the fastest horse?

The Quarter Horse is fastest for sprints. They race a quarter-mile. Thoroughbreds are fastest for anything longer than that. Arabians are best for endurance. The fastest mile for a horse was around 1 minute, 35 seconds. This record was set by the TB racehorse Salvador.

Is the thoroughbred the fastest horse in the world?

The quarter horse is the fastest horse over the quarter of a mile, but the thoroughbred is faster over larger distances.

What is the fastest animal in a quarter mile?

quqrter horse

What horse can run a quarter mile very fast?

The Quarter horse is the fastest at a quarter mile (hence the name), but any horse can run a 1/4 mile relatively quickly.

How did the American quarter horse get there name?

Quarter horses are the fastest horse to run a quarter mile.

What is the speed of the fastest race horse?

The fastest horse ever recorded was Big Racked, who reached 43.26 MPH in a quarter mile race in Mexico City, Mexico.

Who is faster thoroughbred or quarter horse?

The Quarter Horse is supposed to be the fastest horse over a quarter of a mile hence the name quarter horse

What are the fastest horse breeds?

It depends on the distance they are running. Thoroughbreds are the fastest at long distances; Quarter Horses are the fastest at running a quarter of a mile.

What is tha fastest horse?

There are three answers to this one as it'll depend on the distance being travelled. For sprinting a quarted mile or less the Quarter horse is fastest. For a half mile to about four miles the Thoroughbred is the fastest. Anything over five miles and the Akhal-Teke or Arabian will be the fastest.

What is the orgin of the American Quarter Horse?

The Quarter Horse got its name because it was the fastest horse to run a 1/4 of a mile.

How fast does a horse run?

The American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse for 1/4 mile and can reach speeds of 40 to 45 mph.

What are the fastest horses?

Quarter horses are the fastest horse over short distances. They are able to run a quarter of a mile faster than any horse. However, thoroughbreds are the fastest horses over long distances.

What is the fastest mile for a trotter standardbred horse?

compare current harness racing mile time record against that of the trotter greyhound?

Are thorough breds the fastest horse?

Yes they are at long distances (derby) But quarter horses are the fastest horses at 1/4 mile sprints.

What is the fastest breeed of horse going at a long distance?

for 1/4 of a mile that would be a Quarter horse for a short derby a thorough-bred :)

Fastest mile by a fifteen yr old?

the fastest mile is a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

Who is faster quarter horse or pacer?

The Quarter Horse is the fastest horse in the world for short distances, 1/4 mile, more or less. That's why they are called quarter horses.

Why did cowboys prefer Quarter Horses insted of other horses?

The Quarter Horse is the fastest horse in the world, for a quarter of a mile. The Thoroughbred, most often used in horse racing, has more endurance for an entire mile, but still cannot beat the Quarter Horse in a quarter-of-a-mile race. Hence the name 'Quarter Horse'. This is exactly what you want in a horse when you are working cattle - short bursts of extraordinary speed.

What is the fastest mile time?

2:40 ran by an Indian in a horse race. See the book Farmer Boy.

How fast does a racing horse run?

The thoroughbred is the fastest horse in the world. They can maintain a speed of 42 miles per hour for more than one mile.

What is the fastest 10 mile run?

the fastest 10 mile run is 44.24 minutes

Is the mustang horse the fastest in the world?

It depends on the horse, typically the quarter horse is the fastest horse alive.

Who was the fastest race horse?

Secretariat was the fastest race horse ever.