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The fastest goal scored from the start of a period is 4 seconds, by Denis Savard in 1986. The fastest goal scored at the start of a game is 5 seconds, by Doug Smail in 1981, Bryan Trottier in 1984, and Alex Mogilny in 1991.

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Q: Fastest goal scored in ice hockey?
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What is the fastest goal scored in the premiership?

Premiership? Are you sure this is an ice hockey question? The NHL doesn't use the term "premiership".

How is an ice hockey game re-started after a goal is scored?

After a goal is scored, the teams face-off at centre ice.

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

Who scored the winning goal in the olympic for ice hockey?

Sidney Crosby

What is the song played at ice hockey when a goal is scored?

Depends on the team and which songs are mainstream

What does - mean in ice hockey statistics?

The minus sign in hockey means that a player was on the ice when a goal was scored against his/her team. Golies do not receive a +/- rating.

What is plus slash minus in hockey?

The +/- is a symbol for a statistic. It notes what players were on the ice when a goal is scored for that team or against it. A player gets one (1) point in the plus (+) column when he/she is on the ice when a goal is scored for their team and one (1) point in the minus (-) column when he/she is on the ice when a goal is scored against their team.

Which is the fastest sport on ice?


What was the music called when a goal was scored in the ice hockey winter Olympics 1998?

time bomb town by Lindsey buckingham

What does center ice mean?

Center ice is the middle of a hockey rink where faceoffs occur. Faceoffs in "center ice" happen after a goal has been scored or at the start of a period.

How long and wide is a ice hockey goal?

A hockey goal is 4x6 feet

What were the shots on goal totals for the UK vs Canada game at the 1936 winter olympic ice hockey tournament?

The shots on goal totals for the UK vs. Canada game at the 1936 Winter Olympic Ice Hockey tournament were close. The UK, then Great Britain, scored five points, and Canada scored four.

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