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Some of December 2005s notable deaths were;

Malik Joyeux, professional surfer, killed in Surfing accident, Hawaii

Kenneth Boyd, 1000th execution in USA since law was re-instated in 1976

Frits Philips, grandson of founder of Philips, died from complications of a fall, aged 100

Jerzy Pajaczkowski-Dydynski, oldest man in Britain at the time, aged 111

Lucy D'Abreu, oldest person in the UK at the time of her death, 113

Sidney B.Factor, heir of Max Factor, natural causes aged 89

Julio Iglesias Snr., grandfather of Enrique Iglesias, heart attack aged 90

Roy Stewart, American actor, died December 25th 2005, aged 70

Virginia Dighero-Zolezzi, oldest person ever in Italy's history, aged 114

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Q: Famous people who died in December 2005?
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