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Q: Famous football players who used steroids?
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How many football plyers have been caught using steriods?

i believe that around 6.99 billion football players have used the steroids mechanics

Is steroids used more in baseball or football?


Are steroids used in basketball?

Yes, I suppose some players may have used steroids.

How many Phillie's used steriods?

Of the current players, none use steroids. Unlike the stupid Yankees, who have several players, such as A-Rod, who used steroids.

Who are famous baseball players who used steroids?

Mark Mcguire, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodiriguez, to name a few.

Percentage of baseball players using steroids?

In the MLB it's 85% of ball players that use steroids. In 9 through 12 grade 6.1% of kids used anabolic steroids.

Who are Famous football players who wore 15?

Nemanja Vidic, Didier Drogba (used to), Peter Crouch

Famous people who have used anabolic steroids?


What famous actors or singers used steroids?

Mariah Carey

Who used steroids?

A lot of people have used steroids. Most of these people do so for medical reasons, but some of them were famous, too. Many of these are known for having major careers in professional sport and competition, such as baseball, football (of all kinds), and basketball. A lot of Olympians have been disqualified after the fact for having used steroids, amongst other banned substances.

Are steroids used by NFL players?

yes they just havent gotten caught as much

How many MLB players have used steroids?

Steroid use in Major League Baseball has been an ongoing problem for 20 years. However, the actual number of players who have used steroids is unknown, as names and accusations continue to surface.

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