Famous ballet dancer

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Polina Semionova is a very pretty (and famous) ballerina. Mikhail Baryshnikov is a famous and extremely well-know male Ballet dancer. Apollo is one of Baryshnikov's most famous ballets. George Balanchine was also an EXTREMELY famous (and considered legendary) male ballet dancer.

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Q: Famous ballet dancer
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Who is a current ballet dancer?

Me. You don't have to be famous to be a ballet dancer. You just need to go ballet lessons.

Who was a famous ballet dancer?

darcey bussel

What is Billy Elliot famous for?

He is ballet dancer.

Who is Madison Bowey?

she is a famous ballet dancer

Which desert is named after a famous Russian ballet dancer?


WHo is a famous Spanish ballet dancer?

spani shdancer

Is Emily kadow famous?

Yes she is a ballet dancer.

Who is a famous current ballet dancer?

Alex Lion

Why is Watson famous?

Beacuse she is a professional Ballet dancer.

Who is the famous ballet male dancer who died of AIDS?

Rudolf Nureyev is probably the most famous male ballet dancer who passed away from AIDS in 1993.

Who is a famous Canadian dancer?

Karen Kain is a famous Canadian ballet dancer. She was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and is currently associated with the National Ballet of Canada as its Artistic Director.

Why is Roslyn Watson famous?

Beacuse she is a professional ballet dancer.

Who is the worlds most famous ballet dancer?

Maria Mossina

Who is a famous English female ballet dancer?

Darcy Bussell

Why is Karen Kain famous?

Karen Kain is famous for being a Famous Ballet dancer in canada.

Name of famous male Canadian ballet dancer?

Jason Reilly

Who was famous female west African ballet dancer?

rinaa showerla

Who is the most famous dancer from the us today?

Misty Copeland, principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater, is arguably the most famous dancer from the US today.

Who is a famous male African American ballet dancer?

Who is dancing now? Clifton Brown or Desmond Richardson Famous historically? Alvin Ailey or Arthur Mitchell Albert Evans currently dancing with NYCB . Clifton Brown is not a ballet dancer but Contemporary dancer. Desmond Richardson is also a contemporary ballet dancer (Complexions)

Famous dancers of the 1960's?

James Brown was just as famous for his dancing as he was for his singing in the 1960s. Another famous dancer was ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Who is the most Famous Ballet Dancer in the World?

(Anna) Pavlova (not the food)!:9

Is there any famous hispanic ballet dancer?

Alicia alonso-Cuba, honey..........

What is the name of famous Russian ballet dancer with initials RNN?

Rudolph nureyev

Who is the worlds most famous male ballet dancer?

Mikhail Baryshnikov. The end.

Did Princess Diana become a famous ballet dancer?

no, she did not. but it was her dream to become one.