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scored a goal in his first 4 minutes of play fro the seattle sounders

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Q: Facts about the first African American soccer player otey cannon?
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Who was the first African American who play soccer?

The first African American in the North American Soccer League was Otey Cannon. The first American born black player to play for the US National Team was Eddie Hawkins, however Joe Gaetjens, Haitian born, played for the US in the 1950 World Cup scoring the historic goal to defeat England 1-0.

Who is harry cannon?

Harry Cannon was an Irish soccer player during the 1920s and 1930s.

Who is the fastest south-african soccer player?

#TFC Tlou segolela is the fastest south African soccer player

Who was the first African American cheerleader?

The first African-American girl to play soccer is Briana Scurry.

Who is the highest paid African soccer player in the world?

the best paid African player in no doubt is Michael essien

Which player is best at soccer?

To me the best soccer players are Joe Cannon, Darren Huckerby, and Shea Salinas. GO SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Joe Cannon - soccer - born?

Joe Cannon - soccer - was born on 1975-01-01.

When did Joe Cannon die?

Joseph Gurney Cannon (U.S. politician) died on November 12, 1926 at the age of 90 years old (birthdate: November 12, 1926). Joe Cannon (soccer player) and Joe Cannon (baseball player) are still alive as of 2015.

Who is the best american soccer player?


Who are some famous American soccer player?


Who is Meghan Kolze?

an all-american soccer player

Who is the best African soccer player for 2010?

It is between Drogba and Samuel too.