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Goals vary in size. You should probably start using the biggest goals when you are in higher elementry/middle school. You should also wear cleats with no spike in the very front-those cleats are for Baseball. If you use those cleats in soccer, you might kick someone accidentaly with it. Soccer balls also vary in size. Size 3 is for the littler kids and size 5 should be for older kids. Have fun playin'!!!

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Q: Facilities for soccer
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soccer ball, cones, pennys, whistile, and more

Where can you find a kids indoor soccer league in Chicago?

There are actually several places for kids in the Chicago area to play indoor soccer. Three examples of facilities that offer youth soccer leagues are Chicago Indoor Sports, Chicago Youth Soccer, and Chicagoland Indoor Soccer.

What facilities are usually available at a leisure center?

Leisure centres commonly have a swimming pool, aerobics studio, gym and basketball courts, shower and bathroom facilities with change rooms and outdoor facilities such as fields for soccer or tennis courts. They may also feature a cafeteria.

What is the minimum height of an indoor soccer court?

Most facilities in Ontario have a minimum height of 24 ft. An ideal height is 33ft or higher.

Is it legal to record a professional soccer game?

Yes, but the facilities are owned by the stadium owner and they will probably ask you to record while standing somewhere off their property.

What is the soccer history and there equipments also facilities?

The soccer or football originates from the ancient times. Round objects from animalÕs skin or skulls were used as the ball to be kicked around an open field. ItÕs often done with violence and as a ritual for a bountiful harvest.

Facilities of soccer?

Here's from the article I have read: There are 19 soccer fields located at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area. To ensure quality fields, soccer field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of soccer fields for game play only. Use of the fields for practices is not allowed. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia soccer players and has been in place for over 10 years.

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