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well your height does not really tell you what position you will play. What is your weight, age group, are you fast slow? cant you catch. All i can say is if your 6ft tall you can almost play any position. If you 6ft 250 pounds I would say a O or D line position would be best, but if your 6ft 165lbs. i would suggest that you would play a running back, defenssive back . Basiclly if you are just starting and looking for a position i would ask your coach.

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Q: F your 6ft what position should be in American football?
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What high school football position should you play at 220 and 6ft 2?

widereceiver you would be a beast

What football position should you play at 16 at 190lbs and 6ft tall?

Linebacker or Saftey, depending on how well you move laterally.

What American football position should you play you are 6ft 3 and around 14 stone maybe a little more you can run the 100 in about 11-12 seconds and use to be a centre in rugby?

Wide Receiver, Definitely.

What position should someone that is 6ft 160 pounds pretty fast and lean play in football?

I would say either a wide receiver or a defensive back

What American Football position should you play. You are 6ft 3 17 years old and 210 lbs you run a 4.55 40 yard and 4.4 shuttle you currently are a goalkeeper in soccer also your max bench is 260 lbs?

you should play running back or wide receiver unless you like defence you should play safety

What American football position best suits you you are 17 and 6ft 4 you run the 40 between 4.4 to 4.6 you currently play Defensive Line you weigh about 215lbs and also play goalkeeper in soccer?

Tight end, wide receiver

What American football posistion should you play I am 17 you are 6ft 2 or 3 around 15 stone with muscle bulk and can run the 100m in around 11 seconds?

1.) I don't believe you... 2.) Randy Moss

What American football posistion should you play I am 17 you are 6ft 2 or 3 around 15 stone with muscle bulk and can run the 100m in around 11- 12 seconds?

Probably on the wing, chasing the ball when the quarterback throws it.

How tall is the tallest football player in the world?

2.08 meters (6ft 10)

How much should a 6ft man weigh?


I am 16 years old and want to start playing American football as i am very interested in it i am 6ft 3 and 14st what poisition do you think i should play i can also run the 100m in 11sec?

WR/DB or power RB if you got enough muslce power

I am 14 im in the 8th grade im 6ft 165 lbs and im pretty fast what position should you play?

defensive linebacker and wide receiver or corner

Who is the highest football player in chelsea football club?

Thibaut Courtois, who stands at 6ft 6 inches. He is currently on loan to Atletico Madrid.

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it should at least be 3-6ft tall

What build should a fly half be in rugby?

this position used to require the flyhalf to be slim build, quick of foot and agile. Now the position requires a more muscular build averaging 14 stone and approximately 6ft tall

How tall should a 20 year old be?

6ft or 6'1ft

What size unicycle should a 6ft 1in person get?


What football position would be best for someone that is 6ft 160 pounds and quick?

that's a pretty common size for Cornerback. with added weight/muscle, Safety, Linebacker, Running Back, and Wide Receiver are also possible.

What American posistion should you play you are 6ft 2 or 3 around 15 stone with muscle bulk and can run the 100m in around 11 secs?

In football you should be a runnig back, tight end, or wide reicever depending on your skills. But in Basket ball you should be a Small Forward depending on if you , Dribbel or Shoot the ball. But be more specific with your questions.

What is average weight for someone 6ft 1in?

Appropriate weight for an adult human with height 6ft 1 in should not exceed 84 kgs

Which is longer 6ft or 70 in?


What height should a 5 eight be in rugby league?

6ft plus

What size fish tank should you get for fish fry?

6ft 9in

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Triple H's is 6ft 1-6ft 2. in boots 6ft 3-6ft 4.

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The average weight for someone 6ft tall should be between 140 to 180 pounds.