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A singles game is one person playing one person, so each player hits the ball on their turn. In doubles, teams of two people play each other, so more than one person is available to hit the ball when it comes over the net. It does not have to alternate players.

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You have two people and you each have a Table Tennis bat. You stand on opposite sides of the table and you hit the ball back and forth. The aim of the game is to hit the ball so it bounces once on the other side of the table. If the person on the other side fails to hit it back, you win the point. The winner is the first person to 11 or 21, depending on how long you want the game. let serves are when somebody serves and thed ball hits the net but still goes over. You retake the serve when this happens but if it happens anywhere else in the game, for instance the 3rd shot, you play on. You will need an umpire so that they can decide who's point it was.

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Q: Explain the process of playing single and doubles game in table tennis?
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