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im not telling you

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Q: Explain how lifestyle factors affect the performance of a sports person?
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Lifestyle factors affecting job roles in the construction sector?

lifestyle factors which will affect job roles within construction

What are things that affect people's lifestyle?

I think its diet factors.

What are two factors that affect body composition?

Lifestyle and diet

What are four lifestyle factors that affect your health?

picke pope

What lifestyle factors can affect your sports performance?

stress, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sleep,stress culture Weight diet medical conditions and ilness that is very important

Which factors affect performance of magneto?

A magneto is an electric generator that is powered by magnets. Some factors that will affect its performance include their power source as well as the reliability.

Factors affecting computer performance?

There are many factors that can affect a computer's performance. These factors include space, temperature, and cleanliness of the computer's space.

Factors that affect healthy lifestyle?

Alcohol, smoking, drugs and behaviour

What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?


Name the factors that effect the performance and reliability of the network?

factors that affect the reliability of a network

What are the environmental factors that affects academic performance of a student?

There are many environmental factors that can affect the academic performance of a student. Such factors can include living in an abusive home.

What are the two major human factors' categories that affect worker performance?

attitudinal and physical factors

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