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In soccer, the soccer ball has projectile motion when it is kicked, head-butted, when the speed changes, and when the velocity changes.

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Q: Examples from a sport that uses a ball in which an object is in projectile motion?
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What sport that uses a ball when a object is in projectile motion?


What about a sport that uses a ball identify four examples from that sport in which an object is in projectile motion?

4 possible answers are: baseball/softball tennis football soccer

Which sport with a ball has four examples of projectile motion?

In football, you can place kick, punt, pass, and pitch, even fumble.

Think about a sport you play that involved a ballidentify at least four different instances in which an object is in projectile motion?

When it's being thrown, kicked, fumbled, and dropped. The sport is football.

What are four different instances in which an object is in projectile motion during a sport involving a ball?

-- a batted baseball while it's in flight -- a golf ball hit off the tee -- a kicked-off football -- a served tennis ball

What are any two object used in sport which may be considered as projectile?

Any ball, frisbee, shotput, javelin etc.Projectile just means that an object isairborne with no outside force acting on itexceptthe force of gravity.

Is a sport a object?

A sport or a thing .

How can the sport of curling be used to illustrate newtons first law of motion?

A continueously moving object cannot will never stop until it is disturbed by another object, causing it to stop, just like in curling.

What is a sport with newtons second law of motion?

Any game in which an object is put into motion. Billards, bowling, auto racing, baseball, football, etc... In fact just about everything involves all three laws.

What is invasion sport?

The object of an invasion sport is to go into the opposition's side of the pitch in order to score points/goals etc. Examples of such games are rugby, football (American and English, hockey etc.

An examples of team sport and group sport?


A sport day?


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