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Q: Every 3 day he swims every 4 day he has badminton and every 6 day he has tuba lessons If 1quarter is 13 weeks long how many times does he have all 3 activities after school on the same day?
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When was Badminton School created?

Badminton School was created in 1858.

Should lessons at school start earlier?

yes, that means school would start ealier meaning more time to do after school activities.

What is Badminton School's motto?

The motto of Badminton School is 'Nurture, Inspire, Empower'.

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i would see if i could get credit for non school involved activities... ex: tennis, football, voice lessons, trombone

Is high school badminton the same as professional badminton?

No. High school badminton is played by players from the same school, other schools or other states. Professional badminton is played by players from different states, regions or even countries. Usually, there may only be a small prize for winning at the high school level. Professional players make a living off winning competitions.

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The number of lessons depends entirely on which school you attend and which program you select. Lessons can vary from a few sessions to several years.

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